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Speciale Matrimonio


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Ricevimento di nozze al Grand Hotel Salerno.
Se ti sposi in un qualsiasi giorno della settimana, escluso il sabato, proponiamo un menu a condizioni particolarmente vantaggiose.



Ponti di Primavera

Rilassarsi,rigenerarsi e assaporare i profumi della primavera…

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Il Percorso delle Tradizioni

Goditi un break all’ insegna del benessere…
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La Vie en Rose

€ 109,00 a persona in doppia
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Rituale di dolcezza per Lei

Trattamento viso, massaggio corpo e Percorso Romano…
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Day SPA Addio al Nubilato (o Celibato)

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Rituale di Dolcezza per Lui

Maschera Viso, Massaggio Schiena e Percorso Romano…
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Benessere dei Sensi per Due

Una giornata speciale in un’ atmosfera di relax...

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From Grand Hotel Salerno it’s really to reach Amalfi and all the Amalfi Coast easily and in many ways.
By car it takes about half an hour to get there, but it takes only few minutes to take the coast road which leads you from Vietri sul Mare to the beaches of Erchie and Cetara, then crosses Maiori and Minori and eventually gets to Amalfi.
The route is full of charm, and using means of your own you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes by stopping for a moment to admire them from the several panoramic terraces.

View from the marina
As an alternative to the car, you can take the bus or the ferryboat.
Departing from Salerno, Sita offers a regular bus service to Amalfi, and you can make wonderful one-day excursions just planning a trip which includes some stops in the most interesting places. This is possible by buying the Unico Costiera ticket with 24 hour or three days of validity.
Besides, Travelmar , Alicost and Coop. Sant’Andrea ferryboats sail from Salerno to Amalfi every day. There is also the Metrò del Mare, which leads you to your destination in about 30 minutes.
The staff of our Hotel will be glad to give you all the useful information and be your guide, showing you the way on detailed maps and suggesting how to organize your tour of the Amalfi Coast.


Amalfi’s Cathedral
Amalfi is a place that will leave you breathless from the first sight: sun kissed for most of the year, this small town framed by mountains softly slopes down to the blue seawaters.
It looks like a beautiful woman lying relaxed on the sea, and you wouldn't think it possible that a thousand years ago it was such a busy town that it ruled the Mediterranean sea trade. Traces of this glorious past can be found in the Ancient Shipyards of Amalfi Maritime Republic, where galleys were built, and in Amalfitan Navigation Law (known as “Tabula de Amalpha”), a copy of which, drawn up around 1400 a.C., is kept in the Town Museum.

Walking along the narrow streets of the old town you can run into Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, in Arab-Norman style, which, with his famous staircase, rise above the main square of the town. Crossing the magnificent Byzantine gate, cast in Constantinople in 1066 a.C., the interior with a nave and two aisles strikes the visitors for the beauty of the polychrome marble-faced columns, the coffered ceiling in pure gold, the silver and the precious canvas.
From the Cathedral you can move on to the Paradise Cloister, a little gem in which the magic of Middle-Eastern Palaces come back to life; from the Cloister you can go in the Diocesan Museum of the Crucifix Basilica, in which liturgical vestments, sculptures, mosaics and other treasures are kept.

A pleasure trip in search of Amalfitan culture can’t leave out the Paper Museum, in the mouth of the wonderful Mills Valley where long ago, in addition to the mills for the production of pasta, there were many paper mill which, with their activity, brought Amalfi the leadership in paper working.

Amalfi and its environs

After visiting Amalfi it is worth going a quite long way to relax on beaches and hidden creeks or to discover other places of interest.

Going on to Positano, you run into Conca dei Marini, a nice sea village clung to the rocks whose name comes from the peculiar morphological shape of the place. Here the sea is very clear and bathing is an unforgettable experience.

After Conca dei Marini there is Furore, a small village famous for its fiord, a wide cleft in the rocks where the sea creeps in and spumes.

You can choose to admire Amalfi from above, from Scala, on the way for Ravello, or from Pogerola.
Driving along the main road to Salerno, getting out of Amalfi, there is Atrani, another extremely charming sea village (it’s the smallest municipality of the south of Italy). Atrani is the ideal place for a fish and shellfish-based dinner at the end of a beautiful day in Amalfi Coast.