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Speciale Matrimonio


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Ricevimento di nozze al Grand Hotel Salerno.
Se ti sposi in un qualsiasi giorno della settimana, escluso il sabato, proponiamo un menu a condizioni particolarmente vantaggiose.



Il Percorso delle Tradizioni

Goditi un break all’ insegna del benessere…
25 Euro p.p. Validità fino al 31/08/17 Read more... Link  

La Vie en Rose

€ 109,00 a persona in doppia
Valido fino 10/06/2017

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Rituale di dolcezza per Lei

Trattamento viso, massaggio corpo e Percorso Romano…
59 Euro p.p. Offerta valida fino al 31/05/17
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Day SPA Addio al Nubilato (o Celibato)

State per sposarvi o una vostra amica si avvicina al grande passo? E’ il momento dell’addio al nubilato. Read more... Link  

Rituale di Dolcezza per Lui

Maschera Viso, Massaggio Schiena e Percorso Romano…
59 Euro p.p. Validità fino al 31/05/17 Read more... Link  

Benessere dei Sensi per Due

Una giornata speciale in un’ atmosfera di relax...

100 Euro a coppia Validità fino al 31/05/17 Read more... Link  

Pacchetto Benessere Domenica Relax

€ 45.00 a persona in camera doppia
Valido fino al 10/06/2017

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alerno is excellently served by an efficient network of highways and railways that lets you visit both Naples and Pompeii in the same day, leaving at an early hour.

To reach Pompeii, that is only 30 km far from Salerno, it takes 30 minutes by car, from 20 to 40 minutes by train and 50 minutes by bus.

After the terrible eruption of the Vesuvius in 79 a.C. that razed the old town burying it under a thick blanket of ash, the excavations brought to light an inestimable archaeological, artistic and cultural patrimony almost intact.

Naples – Panorama
Visiting the excavations means going back in time: the temples, the theatres, the houses, the shops, they all seems having been frozen in that moment of 2000 years ago when the nature wanted to stop them forever.
Nowadays, Pompeii is the most visited archaeological site of Europe, with its over two million of visitors.

From Pompeii is easy to reach the Vesuvius, but at an altitude of 1000 metres you have to walk up to the edge of the crater.

Naples – Santa Chiara’s Cloiste
Alternatively, once finished the tour of the excavations, you can go to Naples.

In Naples there are many things to see: churches, museums, castles, royal residences, art and architecture treasures.

If you want to make an exhaustive tour of Naples, you’d better think of saving a whole day, so you can have lunch or dinner at a pizzeria (in Naples there are the best pizzeria of the world; among them, the most famous are “Michele” in Forcella, and “Di Matteo” in via dei Tribunali).

Naples – San Martino’s Carthusian monastery
From Salerno it’s easy to reach Naples by many different means of transport: by train it takes from 35 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes, by bus it takes an hour and 10 minutes, by car about 50 minutes.